What is Baptism

Baptism is a unique and important ritual of the church. People differ as to who should get wet, when, and how much water should be used, but since the birth of Christianity, new converts have always been baptized because baptism symbolizes salvation.

We can look to the general pattern that emerges in the book of Acts where people come to saving faith in Jesus and then get baptized. In a five second event, we see the good news of Jesus displayed as Christians are immersed in water, representing the death and burial of Jesus, and, lifted out of the water, representing the resurrection of Jesus.

This symbolic act demonstrates that as followers of Christ, we understand that Jesus stood in our place, for our sins and for our salvation, and that with His resurrection, He gave us new life empowered by the Holy Spirit. In baptism, we see the gospel with our eyes.

It is right for Christians to be baptized for at least these three reasons:

  • It follows the example set by Jesus
  • Jesus commanded it
  • It demonstrates that I really am a Christian

It may be that you've become a Christian through your time at Holman Street Baptist, but you haven’t really told anyone. If that’s the case, we thank God for what he’s doing in you, and want to help you follow through in baptism because God will use it to strengthen your soul.

If you have questions about being baptized please let us know. Someone on our leadership team will be glad to follow-up with you and think about what might be best for you going forward.

How Do I Take This Step?

Baptism happens periodically during one of our Sunday services. Several weeks before, a church leader can walk with you as you consider baptism. This does not obligate you, but allows you to explore and learn the meaning of this sacred symbol.

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